Yankees Slugger Aaron Judge Is Third in Early A.L. All-Star Voting

“It’s pretty surreal, to be honest,” said Judge, who said he had been unaware of the results of the American League balloting, which was announced nearly four hours before he spoke to reporters. The first National League results were announced Tuesday.

“I’m living the dream,” Judge said. “I’m getting paid to play a game, a kid’s game, a game I’ve played since I was a little kid playing T-ball. I enjoy every day I come to the ballpark. We’ve got a good team here. I’m blessed to be in this situation.


Judge, making a catch on a ball that popped out of the glove of Starlin Castro on Saturday, has also excelled in the field.

Al Bello/Getty Images

“Hearing that I’m third in the All-Star voting, I never would have thought something like that.”

Judge’s popularity may be fueled in part by his size — he is 6-foot-7, 285 pounds — and, of course, his capacity to hit tape-measure home runs. A few highlight-reel defensive plays have not hurt either, nor has a humorous appearance on “The Tonight Show”…

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