What should you eat the day after the Super Bowl? An omelet and soup, nutrition experts say


It’s easy to overdo it on food and drinks during Super Bowl Sunday. But following these simple tips might spare you from a rough morning-after post-game.

The Monday after the Super Bowl, some people will wake up with a hangover and regret for eating buckets of high-calorie foods. 

That’s because aside from football, food is a star player as 79 percent of watchers plan to buy food and drinks while glued to their screens Feb. 3, the National Retail Federation reports. Americans are expected to down more than 1.3 billion chicken wings, most dipping them in Ranch, according to the National Chicken Council. They’ll likely pair that with a few slices of pizza and wash it all down with beer, according to survey data cited by Pizza Hut.

So, after what the U.S. Department of Agriculture once called the second biggest day for eating in America, Monday is a time to detox. 

Here’s what nutrition experts recommend a day after overeating and drinking:

Get rid…

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