Ryan Braun deserves trip to World Series, for himself and for Milwaukee Brewers' fans

MILWAUKEE — Ryan Braun wants this badly.

Not so much for him. Though after a dozen years in the majors, closer to the end of his career than the start, he’s not going to deny what a thrill it would be to finally play in a World Series.

No, what makes this matter so much to Braun is what it would mean for everyone in the city and organization he’s represented for his entire major-league career. His teammates. The coaches. The front-office folks.The ushers and security guards at Miller Park. The fans he meets when he’s out and about in Milwaukee.

The people who stood by him when nobody else would.  

“I have a special relationship with the fans, the whole community here,” Braun said Friday night after the Milwaukee Brewers routed the Los Angeles Dodgers 7-2 to force a Game 7 in the National League Championship Series.

“Just understanding how much that would mean to all of them is the thing that makes me most excited about hopefully making it to the second World Series in Brewers history.”

He’s not asking for absolution, but he…

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