Reuben Foster signs contract with 49ers

Whatever potential issues Reuben Foster might have didn’t keep the San Francisco 49ers from signing him to a four-year contract.

Foster, the 31st overall pick in this year’s NFL draft, could potentially need another surgery to fix a torn rotator cuff.

Coach Kyle Shanahan said in early May that it wasn’t out of the question Foster would have to have that done.

“The worst-case scenario is the shoulder doesn’t heal correctly and you’ve got to do it again,” Shanahan told Bay-Area radio station KNBR. “When you have to do it again, you have to get another surgery, and it would be tough to play this year, and you end up having him the next year. But it’s not something that would hurt him long-term.

“So the worst-case scenario, he wouldn’t end up being able to play for us right away. But I still don’t think that would have changed how I personally felt about taking a guy with the 31st pick with the caliber of player that we took.”

San Francisco has signed eight of their first 10 picks.

Foster was a star linebacker for an…

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