Ravens GM Eric DeCosta on reports of John Harbaugh rift: 'Enemies' fabricate things

Baltimore Ravens general manager Eric DeCosta batted down reports that he and coach John Harbaugh are at odds, telling reporters at his introductory news conference on Wednesday that the headlines were concocted by “enemies.” 

Several local media outlets, including The Baltimore Sun, reported earlier this month that DeCosta and Harbaugh had a strained relationship. With Harbaugh on hand Wednesday, DeCosta revealed that type of speculation ticked him off. 

“I would read it, and all I would think to myself is, ‘We have enemies out there who are trying to create divisions and cracks and fissures and things like that,'” DeCosta said. “So I get it. But it did upset me a little bit, I think, because it just wasn’t true and it was a personal thing. It wasn’t work-related; it wasn’t a game or something that would affect the outcome of a game or strategy. It was personal, and it was simply not true.”

DeCosta added that he and Harbaugh have an excellent friendship outside of work in addition to their…

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