Nightengale: Cubs, Dodgers connections run deep

CHICAGO – If it weren’t for Los Angeles Dodgers President Andrew Friedman, Chicago Cubs manager Joe Maddon still would be in Tampa.

And if not for Maddon, Dodgers manager Dave Roberts never gets his opportunity in Los Angeles.

And if not for Roberts, the Boston Red Sox don’t win the 2004 World Series championship, a historic achievement that ultimately led the Cubs to hire Theo Epstein to be their president of baseball operations.

And if not for Epstein, he doesn’t hire vice president Jason McLeod, who helped persuade the Red Sox to trade for Roberts, his former high school teammate in San Diego who got the most famous stolen base in Red Sox history. It was Roberts’ stolen base that triggered the Red Sox’s historic 3-0 comeback against the New York Yankees in the ALCS en route to their first World Series title since 1918.

And if it weren’t for history, the Dodgers don’t change their mind about acquiring closer Aroldis Chapman after his domestic assault case. Now, they’ll face him in the ninth inning – or earlier – in this…

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