Kevin Durant on Warriors has no downside

USA TODAY Sports’ Sam Amick breaks down what we should expect this season out of the Western Conference.

OAKLAND — In a way, this particular Kevin Durant smile means more than the thousands that are almost sure to come in his new basketball paradise.

Smiling after one-sided wins is obvious, involuntary even. But this is the third day of training camp with the Golden State Warriors, the getting-to-know-you stage that finally has arrived after so many months of discourse about his decision to leave the Oklahoma City Thunder behind.

Durant walks off the practice floor, sweat and joy dripping off his blue and gold jersey as he greets one of his closest associates and friends, Charles Terrell. The Nike executive pinches Durant’s left arm and then does it again for full effect. After a short beat, the joke sinks in.

“Is it real?” Terrell says with a grin.

Durant smiles again. This hoops dream is getting more real by the day.


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