At Royal Troon, the Bunkers Bury the Best

TROON, Scotland — In Thursday’s first round of the 145th British Open, Bubba Watson’s tee shot landed in the Coffin bunker alongside the par-3 eighth hole at Royal Troon.

As Watson would learn, his ball had settled in much more than a simple collection of sand. The sunken, grainy Coffin bunker is a few feet from the most famous patch of green at Royal Troon, the tiny eighth green nicknamed the Postage Stamp.

By association, such a bunker can become renowned. In fact, the Coffin bunker is so esteemed it is both old and modern, and it even has its own Twitter account (@TroonCoffinTrap). This past week, the account has been a comic vehicle to taunt, tease and toast the golfers who have had the misfortune to step through the bunker’s sly grounds.

When Watson found himself buried there on Thursday, he dared the bunker, turning his back to the green to escape from a four-foot depth. With one swing, Watson’s ball was…

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