Another Williams Takes His Turn Before the Camera, at SNY

“I’ll make jokes and say to him, ‘Sorry about your rating tonight; everyone is going to be watching ‘Geico SportsNite’ on SNY,’” Doug said while laughing during an interview.


“SportsNite” often goes head-to-head against some MSNBC’s “The 11th Hour,” the top-rated news show at 11 p.m. that happens to be hosted by Doug’s father, Brian Williams.

Harrison Hill/The New York Times

Unlike his father and his sister, Allison, who starred in “Girls” and “Get Out” and was swanning about in Tahiti this month with Bradley Cooper, Anderson Cooper and Diane von Furstenberg, Doug Williams has had, to date, a relatively small public following.

Despite being on television almost every day, he is not yet recognized on the street. He does not go to premiere parties or fashion shows. His postwork routine usually involves watching old episodes of “The Office,” not hitting the town.

“I like to say that I live a 30s life in my 20s,” he said. “I might be doing the Mets game on Sunday, but that means I have to watch the Mets on Saturday night.”

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